The Idea of Justice in Climates of Change


  • Andrew Majeske



The Idea of Justice has been percolating for some time. The essays by Amartya Sen and George Anastaplo featured in this special issue derive from addresses presented at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice Third Biennial Literature and Law Conference, held in March of 2012 in New York City. The theme of that conference was The Idea of Justice, and it was dedicated to Sen’s 2008 book of that title. Sen graciously agreed to deliver the keynote. The conference organizer, Andrew Majeske, who is also an editor of this journal, asked the late George Anastaplo to be the respondent. What ensued was a lively debate over the scope and meaning of justice, with Anastaplo taking a more local and conservative approach and Sen a more global one. Their contrasting views generated numerous provocative yet amiable exchanges. The collegiality had something to do with the academic context, but it may have also reflected the timing: the conference took place prior to most of the polarizing changes that have shaken the world over the past decade.




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