The journal service of the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen is offered by the Göttingen State and University Library. It is currently under construction.


  • New American Studies Journal: A Forum

    Issue 71 marks an important transition. We have moved to a new web address and are changing our title to reflect our new location and look.  The American Studies Journal will become the New American Studies Journal: A Forum. This change is reflected in the two logos visible in the banner. The next issue, marking our official relaunch, will dispense with the old logo but build on the long ASJ tradition in ways that will bring readers and writers together in a forum. The new editorial team, whose members will be announced in the next issue, is committed to turning the NASJ into a place where different perspectives, styles, and eventually different communication formats engage in dialogue and exchange. We are working with Göttingen University Press to produce a peer-reviewed, open access journal that provides scholars with an alternative to commercial publishers.  Contributors will notice streamlined submission and review procedures, along with a publishing process that ensures article visibility in scholarly databases and archives. Readers will encounter something more than the digital version of a print magazine. These transformations will take time, but issue no. 71 marks the beginning. Thank you for joining us at our new address to learn about leisure in the nineteenth century.  Join us in the future to enter a forum of vibrant intellectual exchange.

  • Göttinger Rechtszeitschrift

    Die GRZ ist eine studentische Rechtszeitschrift an der Georg-August-Universität Göttingen und wird von Studierenden und Promovierenden der Juristischen Fakultät konzipiert und herausgegeben.

    Sie versteht sich als Ausbildungszeitschrift und soll Studierenden und jungen WissenschaftlerInnen die Möglichkeit zur Publikation eigener wissenschaftlicher Beiträge geben.

  • Goettingen Journal of International Law

    Submissions for GoJIL

    You can submit articles for the GoJIL here.
    You can still find the journal here:
  • AG Universitätsverlage

    Dies ist die Begutachtungsplattform für Mitgliedschaftsanträge der Arbeitsgemeinschaft der deutschsprachigen Universitätsverlage ( Als Verlage sind wir dem Open Access verpflichtet, das wir für unsere Institutionen umsetzen.